this project is about putting co2 back into the ground. 
we have designed the first prototyp and we will support this project 
while the whole process of product development.


home is where someone lights a candle for you.

the design of this candlestick is inspired by a bar chart on the theme of home.

a transformation from cold statistics to a warm object for your home. 

R E C Y C L E  Y O U R  S H I T

for the plasticycle project we have designed some products which will hand made of recycled plastic. this one is a special one for skateboarders called riserpads. so each skateboarder can support the plasticycle project by using this riserpads made out of recycled plastic.

S C U L P T U R A L  E Y E - C A T C H E R 

for the leibniz information centre for science and technology we developed a sculptural eye-catcher for an upcoming event. 
the concept of this object is based on the logo of the tib brand.
all materials were processed in such a way that they can be separated and further processed after the event.

S T A C K A B L E C H A I R / R U D I

this rudimentary chair (hence the name rudi) was designed in 2015 for a workshop concept that connect people from all around the world. 
the back side of the chairs shows who has built this one and where he is coming from. 
till 2015 we have done more than 220 chairs with great people from more than 16 countries and its gone be more.
we have teamed up with great socially committed organisations and
our current understatement of this chair is more as an simple furniture.
it is an link to bring people together.

since 2017 the rudi chair is a part of the design collection of the museum august kestner in hannover.

I C O N I C  D I N O

the iconic shape of this prehistoric giant is reduced to the minimum.
this nice big/small friend is made of simple metal profiles.
the profiles are unused sections of material from a metalworking company in our neighbourhood. this detail made this dinosaur into brontorecyclus, a beautiful eye-catcher for your wall unit or desk.

M I C R O S C O P E / A D D - O N - P R O D U C T S

for one of our customers we have developed various types of additional products for laboratory microscopes.
the rapid changes in their working processes make this project an unusual challenge.
we are in direct contact with the users of our product designs and adapt their needs directly to the next generation of products.
this flexibility is ensured by modern 3D printing technology, which allows us to adapt our design as a flexible status quo to the transformation of its environment.

L I G H T I N G  C O N C E P T / 
M I S S  M A R M A L I G H T

the basic element of the miss marmalight table lamp is a special kind of ring. it can be used with an ordinary lamp holder (E27). both sides of the ring fit on an ordinary glass container (diameter / 78mm).
this fact makes it possible to customize this lamp with a wide range of glass vessels from the daily food sector.
miss marmalight is an easy way to involve the consumer in the design process by upcycling jam jars.

L I G H T I N G  C O N C E P T / V L Y

the construction of this ceiling lamp is a geometric interpretation of  a butterfly. a filigran object with an impressive clear formal language.

S E A T  C O N C E P T

this seat was designed for a pop up event in a temporary art gallery.
thanks of his sculptural appearance this seat fits perfect into museums, galleries or similar special kind of locations.

N E W  C Y C L I N G  F U R N I T U R E

we thought about a problem common to all metropolises, the masses of unused bicycles without owners in our cities, backyards and cellars. 
The abandoned bicycles take up a lot of space in our cities. 
which makes these areas look even more polluted and neglected. 
we have started to analyse this situation and our answer to this problem is to transform the problem into a source of material.
for the implementation studio simon kux has teamed up with a local bike messenger company. the result of this cooperation is a three-legged stool concept made of recycled bicycle frames. a special advantage of this cooperation is the possibility to send this furniture to the customers by a bike messenger almost without any co2 emissions. 
this type of local transport is environmentally friendly and supports the local cycling scene.

in 2019 some of our stools were exhibited at exibition about upcyclingdesign at the marta herford museum.

I C O N I C  A N I M A L / K U B I

this wooden animal is called kubi. it is made as a part of the inhouse brand connox collection of the connox gmbh. kubi is no special kind of animal. it is more an iconic deputy for the whole species of animals.
the cubistic shape made it to an special kind of eyecatcher
for every interior. (please do not feed it)

W R I S T  W A T C H / I C E  S L I M

for the belgium watch brand ice-watch we developed the ice line. the task was to capture the ice-watch brand’s dna and to create a modern, elegant wristwatch. we designed the body from the wristband to the case with less material as possible. 
the result is a slim and flexible line of timepieces with an body made of silicone. 
this project was made in cooperation with tim prigge and jonas ette.